Our Company is driven by young energetic, technocrats who are having roots in the business since 3 decades .

Our Team believes in Quality Products, Ethical Practices, Transparent, Business and Value to the Commitment.

This all started on a Road Journey in India. Our Team was stuck on a highway and one of the Director who was recently shifted to India from Europe, was habitual to Chewing Gum while Travelling. As Chewing Gum helps to Overcome the stress and Fatigues which is caused on a Drive .

This all turned to the concept to Introduce India with the Best Gum to the Indian people keeping in mind the gum is produced by using un-harmful & Vegetarian Ingredients only .

On the Contrary our Research & Production Team found this to be very challenging to produce a gum without using Aspartame and sugar.

But the hunt and efforts of research and technical team were continued for the formulation and the perfect ingredients and after lots of efforts and dedication we were able to succeed on our task .

Further the task was to get clearance for our secretive formulation and Ingredients from Govt. Of India Food Department to get the job done legitimately which was successfully created by FSSAI Govt of India, which turned our management as well to go with the project . This made our V Stick project to India which signifies Uplift your Mood with the 8 wonderful long lasting flavors Aspartame Free and Sugar Free Chewing Gum.


Our Vision at V Stick is to create simple pleasures and to brighten everyone's day, we create these simple pleasures while making a positive difference to the world around us because we believe in the principles of Quality, Responsibility, Mutuality, Efficiency and Freedom at the heart of everything we do, we're growing our business in a way that makes our associates, communities,consumers and environment to a better healthy and peaceful place .

V Stick holds an ambitious position in the sales of Aspartame Free & Sugar Free Strip Gums .